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ALPINE iLX-F309TCM 9" Alpine Halo9 Plug and Play Dash Kit for 2016-Up Toyota Tacoma®

$1,499.95 USD $1,600.00 USD


Tacoma owners, now you can easily add a big screen into your truck without the guesswork of searching for a matching dash kit or dealing with tricky installation issues. 

  • iLX-F309 Alpine Halo9 9" Mech-less Audio Video Dash System
  • Halo9 is is optimally positioned and mounted into a pre-assembled dash kit for a fast install into a 2016-Up Toyota Tacoma
  • A pre-programmed iDatalink Maestro Vehicle Interface is included
  • Tacoma-specific wiring harness, and adapters for USB and GPS antenna included
  • CEA-2006 Power Rating: 18W x 4
    Max Power Output: 50W x 4
The iLX-F309TCM comes with all the components you need to add the 9" Alpine Halo9 to your truck. The main chassis comes pre-assembled to the Tacoma dash kit out of the box, so you don’t need to research, buy, and assemble a compatible dash kit on your own. In addition, the iLX-F309TCM’s screen comes pre-positioned at the optimal angle, height, and depth for your Tacoma, eliminating the need for you to tweak these positions through trial and error yourself. The required Tacoma wiring harness and other adapters come with the iLX-F309TCM too. The result? Faster and easier installation, so you can get on the road and enjoy your iLX-F309TCM. NOTE: The iLX-F309TCM Screen comes out of the box separate from the chassis due to the installation requirements of the Tacoma.
The iLX-F309TCM comes with an iDatalink Maestro Module to retain Tacoma features like the vehicle cluster sub-display and steering wheel controls. Other vehicle information such as tire pressure readings, open door alerts, and vehicle vitals are viewable on the large screen. The iDatalink Maestro Module is already pre-programmed for the Tacoma, so you don’t need to configure the module to your truck before installing it.
The iLX-F309TCM is the easiest way to add a large screen and new technology into your Tacoma. Be smart about using your phone in your truck and take advantage of the iLX-F309TCM’s compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. After connecting your smartphone via the charging cable and activating Bluetooth for Android Auto use, you get your music, driving directions, and phone calls all controlled from the 9-inch touchscreen and heard through your Tacoma’s speaker system -- so you don’t have to look at or touch your phone and can keep it safely stored away.