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Alpine SHS-N207 Wireless headphones for Alpine overhead monitor

$59.95 USD


  • one set of wireless headphones for use with a compatible Alpine overhead monitor
  • volume dial, power switch, and LED indicator are built into the ear cup
  • fold-flat design for easy storage
  • auto shut-off to preserve battery life
  • comfort fit design for children and adults
  • independent source selection
  • powered by two AAA batteries (included)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Dual source fold-flat wireless IR headphones
  • 2 "AAA" batteries

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Compatibility: The Alpine SHS-N207 Dual Source IR Wireless Headphones are
compatible with select Alpine overhead monitors that feature an infrared wireless
audio transmitter - including the PKG-RSE4AP, PKG-RSE3DVD, or
PKG-RSE3HDMI (all sold separately).

Note: The headphone is for passenger use only. Most states prohibit the
use of headphones by the driver while operating the vehicle.

IR Sensors: Each earcup on the headphone features a side mounted IR
sensor to communicate with your compatible Alpine IR wireless audio transmitter.
the IR wireless headphone utilize two channels (Channel A = 2.3/2.8MHz or
Channel B = 3.2/3.8MHz), to avoid any interference.

Controls: The headphone's right earcup features a volume dial, a power button,
 an 1-2 source switch, and a power LED indicator. This headphone has an automatic
level control to prevent input signal overloading. This assures the signal is clear
and free of distortion and protects the user from unexpected loud bursts of audio
through the headphones.

1-2 Source Switch: The headphone's 1-2 source switch allows you to switch
between channels on your compatible dual source transmitter so you can listen
to either connected audio source.

Battery Power: The SHS-N207 headphone operate off of two supplied "AAA"
batteries (the batteries are inserted into the left earcup). To extend the life of the
batteries, the headphone has an automatic power off feature. After a few minutes
without a signal source, the power to the headphone will automatically turn itself off.

Adjustable/Fold-Flat Design: The IR wireless headphones feature an
adjustable headband to fit both children and adults comfortably. The Alpine
SHS-N207 allows you to fold it's earpieces flat for easy storage.