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Building from a legacy of trusted professional audio measurement products, the DM-RTA™ brings the vital tools you rely on to one indispensable interface. Populated with every connector we could think of, and coupled with the new DM-RTA app, AudioControl’s DM-RTA helps you take your car audio, marine audio or home theater installations to new levels of perfection and control.

The DM-RTA connects to a Mac or PC via USB, or to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth using the AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer/Programmer (available separately).


  • Test and Measure Any Signal
  • Balanced Line Level Inputs and Outputs
  • Unbalanced Line Level Inputs and Outputs
  • Speaker Level Inputs (handles up to 400 watts)
  • Microphone Input with 48V Phantom Power (microphone sold separately)
  • Microphone presets (for CM-10, CM-20 & C550H)
  • Digital and USB Outputs
  • Connect to PC/Mac, Phone or Tablet
  • Option Port for Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Battery Powered and Compact for Portability
  • DM-RTA app available in downloads for Mac/PC, or…

    The DM-RTA isn’t just an RTA. Accessible from the DM-RTA app are five modules, including Voltage Meter, RTA (1/3, 1/6, and 1/12 octave), SPL Meter, Polarity Checker and a fully functional Oscilloscope. Test and measure nearly every signal imaginable from acoustical, to line level, and speaker level. Balanced and unbalanced line level inputs allow the DM-RTA to be inserted into your signal chain to verify optimal signal from source to speakers. This is the last test tool you’ll ever need.

    AudioControl offers a wide range of professional measurement and instrumentation microphones which will make a perfect addition to your DM-RTA tool kit for making accurate acoustical measurements. For an entry-level measurement microphone, choose the CM-10, a long time standard issue microphone for AudioControl’s legendary SA-3052 analyzers. If you’re looking for a slightly better frequency response, look no further than the CM-20. The high-precision Josephson C550H rounds off the top of the list for truly accurate readings and impeccable frequency response.


    • 1 x Balanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
    • 1 x Unbalanced (Input Impedance 3.24kΩ)
    • 1 x Microphone (Input Impedance 10kΩ)
    • 1 x Speaker Level (Input Impedance 16.24kΩ)
    • Max Low Level Input Voltage: 8 Vrms
    • Max High Level Input Voltage: 40 Vrms


    • 1 x Balanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
    • 1 x Unbalanced (Output Impedance: 51Ω)
    • 1 x Coax Digital (Output Impedance: 75Ω)
    • 1 x Toslink
    • 1 x USB
    • Max Output Voltage from Signal Generator: 5 Vrms / 7 V Peak

      • Power Supply: 
      • Battery Life: ~5 Hours


      • Dimensions: 8”W x 4.8”D x 2.4”H
      • Weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)

      IN THE BOX: DM-RTA, USB Cable, Power Supply, Manual, Warranty