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Audiomobile EVO 2410

$399.00 USD $450.00 USD

The new Evo Series represents a composite of the benefits of the other Audomobile subwoofers. Featuring our proven, low-profile, “SLX” cast alloy frame, and includes our proprietary Shaped Manifold Gap (“SMG”), featuring a fully-machined, extended magnetic top-plate, plus a unique thermal management design, which uses the Aluminum frame as an integral part of cooling the VC and motor, without resorting to costly machining of the frame, or additional parts.

The Evo offers the benefits of the GTS “21″ series, but in a lower-profile, under 100 mm, form-factor, yet delivers higher linear excursion, or “Xmax” plus higher power-handling, yet does so in similarly micro enclosures. Higher excursion means higher sound-quality at extreme output levels. With a superb 15.5 mm of linear, one-way “Xmax” (Evo 2410) the Evo series will push the envelope of performance in the slimline subwoofer category. 

The Evo series also adds dual 4-ohm, multi-layer voice coils, allowing for more flexibility in system design, though typically they will be wired to create a nominal ’2-ohm’ load, ideal for most monoblock amplifiers, but they can also be used in two or three in one enclosure, and still presents a near-ideal ’2.5′ ohm load.


Higher performance in a smaller package. That’s what the new Evo series is all about. So if you’re missing the low-end extension that provides the “drama” in the music you love, then fear not, as adding a small-sealed, or vented enclosure, and an aftermarket amplifier will inject new life into your system, regardless if it’s a decade old, or a brand new SAT-NAV system.  It’s easy to do, and makes a world of difference, in fact, it’s the single biggest improvement you can make to any audio system, home or car.