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Audiomobile GT2 2012

$229.00 USD $250.00 USD

Affordable, low-profile series, for vented or small-box / MCAR applications.

- Custom tooled, low-profile, powder-coated frame, features bi-radial-gap motor cooling vent technology.

- FEA optimized, forged and machined motor, featuring 20 mm, large diameter, 40 oz. magnet motor structure.

- Premium-quality "CLS" composite sandwich cone with premium SBR rubber surround, for long excursion.

- Unique '3 ohm' nominal design (2.8 DCR), features long, 11.9 mm Xmax and high-power handling (400 watts).

- Compact 5.1" depth. For sealed or vented use (SVC 3 ohm / 400 watts).