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Audiomobile GTS 2110

$299.00 USD $350.00 USD

The low-profile "Iso-Barik" design series optimized for micro-box enclosures.

- Custom tooled, low-profile, powder-coated steel frame, features dual, bi-radial "delta" cooling vents.

- Compact, low-profile motor features unique, Aluminum "FSD" (Flux Stabilization Device) for lower inductance.

- Long-excursion (14.2 mm Xmax) with superb power-handing. Engineered for sealed or vented box applications.

- Specifically designed for smallest form-factor enclosures (.33 cf - .65 cf) or to work with MCAR "PST" drivers.

- Low-profile (4.5" deep). Optimized for micro-box app use. 450 watts.