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KICKER IQ1000.1 Q-Class Amplifier

$674.96 USD $749.95 USD

These all-new IQ Amplifiers are best described as very complex and technically “cutting-edge,” while being remarkably easy and rewarding to use.


The IQ1000.1 Mono Amplifier is more than a simple Class D power plant. Built with an advanced power supply and world-class frequency control, the IQ stands out as the best way to hear every detail your music has to offer.

The sleek yet simple chassis of the IQ belies the sophistication hidden beneath. With an input range as small as 125mV all the way up to 10 volts, this amplifier easily works with nearly any radio – factory and aftermarket alike.

The IQ1000.1 delivers 500 watts at 4Ω and 1,000 watts at 2Ω. See below for more details.