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ALPINE KCU-610MH MHL HDMI Cable Kit for Android Smartphones

$89.95 USD


MHL HDMI Cable Kit for Android Smartphones



This Alpine MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) HDMI cable kit is the perfect solution to connect your Android® smartphone to a compatible Alpine dash system with an HDMI connection to mirror your smartphone’s screen.

This cable works with:

  • All X110 Restyle systems, all X009 Restyle systems, X108U, X008U, INE-W967HD, INE-W957HD

Package includes:

  • 5-foot HDMI Cable (male HDMI type-A connector on each end)
  • 9-inch microUSB-to-HDMI MHL adapter cable (male microUSB type-B connector to female HDMI type-A connector and female microUSB type-B connector)
  • 8-inch microUSB-to-USB cable (male microUSB type-B connector to male USB type-A connector)
  • HDMI connection bracket

Android Smartphone Compatibility

5-Pin Android Smartphone: Use all three cables to connect your Android smartphone to your compatible Alpine navigation receiver. The 5-foot HDMI cable and 8" microUSB-to-USB cable plug into the HDMI and USB ports on back of your compatible Alpine head unit. The HDMI cable and microUSB-to-USB cable then plug into the included 9-inch microUSB-to-HDMI MHL adapter cable. The MHL adapter cable then plugs into your Android smartphone's 5-pin connector.

11-Pin Android Smartphone: An 11-pin Android smartphone (like the Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5 and Note II/III/IV) will connect the same way as a 5-pin Android smartphone would, but you will need an additional 3rd party 5-pin to 11-pin adapter (sold separately) to connect between the included MHL adapter and your Android smartphone.

Entertainment Playback

After you’ve followed the appropriate steps to get your device connected to the compatible Alpine system, you will be able to mirror the mobile device's image and watch stored video and video apps (like Netflix) on the navigation head unit's touchscreen monitor (the parking brake of your vehicle must be engaged). Stored music, music apps, and other audio content on your smartphone device can be heard through your speaker system without the parking brake engaged; however, there is no song/artist information display unless the parking brake is engaged. There is no touchscreen control from the Alpine head unit for this feature; you will still continue to use your Android device to select content, apps, and control playback.