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Rockford Fosgate Punch Bass EQ (2004-2006 Punch) PB1

$28.99 USD

Replacement wired remote bass knob and cable for select 2004-2006 amplifiers.

Punch Bass remote EQ with 0dB to +18dB bass boost at 45Hz. Cable and mounting hardware included. For use with 2004-2006 PUNCH amplifiers.


  • Remote wired bass boost
  • 0dB to +18dB bass boost @ 45 Hz
  • Conveniently mount under dash, inside center console or glovebox
  • Includes bass knob, cable, mounting clip, mounting screws
  • 1 Year Warranty


Connector Type
(8-conductor non-flipped)


Compatible Models
Punch P200.2
Punch P250.2
Punch P325.1
Punch P325.2
Punch P450.2
Punch P450.4
Punch P550.2
Punch P600.1bd
Punch P650.2
Punch P850.2
Punch P850.4
Punch P1200.2

Punch45 25 to LIFE.
Punch75 25 to LIFE.
Punch150 25 to LIFE.
Punch P2502
Punch P4002
Punch P10002

2004 - 2005
Punch P2002
Punch P3001
Punch P3002
Punch P4004
Punch P5002
Punch P6001bd
Punch P6002
Punch P8002
Punch P8004