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ALPINE SWR-8D4 8" Subwoofer (4Ω+ 4Ω)

$159.95 USD


Introducing A New Level of Type-R Performance

These redesigned fifth-generation Type-R subwoofers include an abundance of enhanced features to achieve staggering power handing capabilities, cleaner output, deeper bass extension and ultra-responsive control than ever before.

(Sold as single woofer)

Speaker Rating:
Max RMS Power Capacity: 350W
Peak Power Capacity: 1000W

Voice Coil

  • Material: 38mm Voice Coil with High-Temp
  • Design: 4-Layer DVC Winding on Spiral Cut

Motor Structure

  • Pole Geometry: Extended Pole Geometry
  • Configuration: Compound Radius Curve


  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Design: Perimeter Vented Heat Transfer


  • Layout: One Side
  • Design: Heavy Duty 8 gauge Push with Housing, Banana Plug Jumper

Tinsel Leads

  • Design: Reinforced Layer Spider Integration (Patent #6,810,988)


  • Design: Concealed Mount Gasket (Integrated Grille System Ready, US Pat #7,760,900)