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DRV-N520 Multimedia compatible Dashboard Camera

$220.00 USD $250.00 USD

    • Connects to compatible KENWOOD Multimedia receivers

    • Linking Video and Position

    • Touch Control

    • GPS Function

    • 3 Megapixel Recording

    • HDR

    • Wide-angle lens

    • Accident Avoidance Features

    • Super Capacitor

    • 4 types of recording mode

    • Built-in G-Sensor

    • KENWOOD Drive Reviewer

    • Connects to compatible KENWOOD Multimedia receivers

      Dash Cam ready receivers are compatible with the DRV-N520 Dash Camera. The camera records in full HD video capturing every event that occurs on the road ahead, and also provides safety features such as collision avoidance.

    • Linking Video and Position

      Able to display driving footage, as well as direction and position of vehicle on the map when replaying video recordings. Records not only video but also map-linked data, by integrating highly-accurate positional data from the navigation system in the drive recorder.

    • Touch Control

      Recorded videos can be displayed on the large screen, and operated from the touch panel.

3 Megapixel Recording

3 Megapixel Recording provides higher resolution than Full HD (1920 x 1080).