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PHOENIX GOLD 400W 2 Channel Amplifier SX2 400.2

$289.00 USD $339.99 USD

  • Class D Topology
  • Power Rating:  100w x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm Stereo, 150w x 2 @ 2 ohm Stereo, 200 x 2 @ 1 ohm Stereo, 400w x 1 Channel @ 2 ohm Bridged
  • Dimensions: 10.5" L x 8.5" W x 2.0" H - 267mm L x 216mm W x 51mm H


Premium Build Quality for Ultra Performance

  • Audio Precision Quality Control Verification


Chassis Features

  • RMD port allows you to add a remote monitoring display, giving you a visual of the voltage of your system
  • Double tier power supplies with OTM Onboard Thermal Management, which monitors the amplifiers internal temperatures. If abnormal temperatures are achieved, OTM will make minor adjustments to output power to allow the amplifier to return to normal operating temperatures without interruption to the amplifier's audible performance.          
  • Switchable balanced or unbalanced inputs based on your input source's design for best signal to noise performance
  • Auto turn-on circuit (defeatable) helps when connecting to an OEM system that does not offer a Remote turn-on lead to activate the amplifier
  • Tri-light LED amplifier status indicators with short circuit, thermal and voltage protection
  • Front mount controls and connections provide a more pleasing overall aesthetic while conveniently locating the amplifiers controls in the same vicinity as the connections




Frequency Response

± 3dB from 10Hz to 39kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio


High and Low Pass Crossovers

12dB per Octave

Crossover Range - Flat/HP/LP

55Hz to 4kHz

Low Level Input Range

300 millivolts to 8V unbalanced

Lowest Recommended Load

2 ohm Bridged / 2 ohm Stereo

Typical Efficiency


Damping Factor

Greater than 200

RMS Power Output

100w x 2 @ 4 ohm Stereo

150w x 2 @ 2 ohm Stereo

400w x 1 @ 2 ohm Bridged



Recommend Power Wire Fuse: 40A

Power/Ground Wire Size: 4GA