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ALPINE Alpine KTX-GM8-0 Restyle Dash and Wiring Kit Install and connect a Alpine navigation system in select 2007-up General Motors vehicles

$400.00 USD


In-Dash Restyle Systems: The Alpine in-dash navigation receivers with an 8" LCD touchscreen will not fit a standard Single-DIN or Double-DIN dash opening. To accommodate this large screen in your vehicle's dash, Alpine offers a line of In-Dash Restyle System packages specifically for these receivers. Alpine's In-Dash Restyle System installation packages allow the Alpine navigation receiver with 8" LCD touchscreen to fit seamlessly into select vehicle dashes. In-Dash Restyle Systems are designed to cosmetically match the shape, color and texture of the vehicle's interior. 

Compatibility: The Alpine KTX-GM8-O In-Dash Restyle System allows seamless integration of the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen navigation head unit in select 2007-up GMC Trucks/SUVs with OnStar (with or without Bose). Not compatible with Premium Bose systems (Y91/Y92/Z75), Fleet trucks, or upper-dash OEM stereo locations.

OEM-Like Appearance: The KTX-GM8-O In-Dash Restyle System has been specifically fitted and engineered to fit select 2007-up GMC Trucks/SUVs perfectly. It comes with a specially formed OEM-grade, high quality/high strength ABS plastic radio housing that is color matched to the dash. This allows the unit to precisely fit not only the vehicle, but also the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen navigation receiver. In addition, extra care is taken to match the factory dash's shape, texture, and color ensuring a more OEM-like appearance. Unlike traditional universal dash kits, the Alpine In-Dash Restyle System packages include direct fit OEM-like brackets to ensure sturdy support and accurate positioning of the radio in your vehicle's dash.

Vehicle+Radio Harness: This In-Dash Restyle System comes with a vehicle+radio harness for simple installation between the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen receiver and your 2007-up GMC Truck/SUV. You get all the necessary harnesses and adapters in the box to install the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen navigation receiver in your 2007-up GMC Truck/SUV.

Note: The vehicle+radio harness contains two Molex connectors which plug into your GMC Truck/SUV's factory radio harness. There is also an 8-pin connector which needs to plugged into either the vehicle+radio harness' Bose or Non-Bose port (based on your vehicle). On the other end of the harness is a 20-pin connector, 5-pin connector, and 3-pin connector which plug into the included OnStar/Steering wheel remote interface module. On that same end of the harness is a 16-pin Alpine radio connector which plugs into the radio connector port on the back of the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen navigation receiver. In addition, you will need to make two hardwired connections between the supplied vehicle+radio harness and your vehicle's Parking brake (Yellow/blue) and Foot brake (Yellow/black). There is a remote turn-on lead (Blue/white) to connect an aftermarket amplifier.

OnStar Compatible: The included GM LAN Stereo Replacement Interface Module (KCX-SRMGMO) allows you to keep total functionality of your GM vehicle's OnStar system.

Steering Wheel Controls: The included GM LAN Stereo Replacement Interface Module also lets you keep your vehicle's steering wheel remote controls. For 2007-up GMC Trucks/SUVs with factory steering wheel audio controls, the KTX-GM8-O retains the capability to control the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen navigation receiver's volume, source, and playback controls. There is no additional programming required, simply plug & play.

Note: The 3.5mm connector of the steering wheel remote interface cable plugs into the 3.5mm remote input of the Alpine 8" LCD touchscreen receiver.