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AmpPRO 4 Amplifier Integration Interface

$279.00 USD $349.95 USD

Amplifier Integration Interface for Select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles with amplified sound systems

    • AmpPRO simplifies the installation of upgraded amplifiers in data-bus controlled amplified sound systems. With AmpPRO, you can improve audio performance while keeping an original radio’s fit, finish and features.
    • Simplifies amplifier installation
    • Prevents need for summing and DSP devices
    • Provides factory sound system upgrade solution
    • Can be used to upgrade the entire sound system or just part of it thanks to retention of the original amplifier
    • Enables the addition of a subwoofer system to the original sound system
    • Variable volume, fade, balance, bass, mid and treble audio settings
    • Front, rear, sub preamp outputs (5 volt RMS)
    • Provides flat audio output for a solid audio foundation
    • Customized OE bass, mid and treble center frequency selection
    • Retains uConnect, Bluetooth audio and all warning chimes
    • Plug & play installation
    • Sub level controller
    • Optional TOSLINK optical output (APA-TOS1 sold separately)
    • AmpPRO module
    • 22-pin harness (MS CAN)
    • Bass knob
    • Knob harness
    • Manual