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Audiofrog GB410C

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Get it right

Audiofrog built the GB410C 2-way passive crossover network specifically for use with the GB40 4" midrange driver and the GB10 1" tweeter, sending the correct frequencies to each driver for a full dimensional sound. The GB410C uses the optimum crossover point (2500 Hz) for these two speakers, and is specially designed for minimum frequency response deviation.

You can adjust the level of your GB10 tweeter between 0 and -12 dB with no change to crossover frequency or slope. Simply use the large dial attenuator, which features markings at 1/4 dB increments and a clear reference level marking.

Audiofrog ensures power handling and longevity aren't a problem by using high-quality air core inductors and polypropylene capacitors. With Audiofrog's grueling standards for real world testing, you can be certain that the GB410C will live a very long life in your car.

Built for custom installation

True to the Audiofrog lineup, the GB410C is built with a custom installation in mind. Its hefty cast aluminum chassis is something to show off, not hide away. And to that end, Audiofrog incorporates a housing window so that whoever envies your system can get a good look at the brains behind it.

Audiofrog recommended systems

Here are Audiofrog's recommended uses for the GB410C:

GB410C component system

2-way system -- GB10 1" tweeters, GB40 4" midrange speakers and GB410C crossover networks

GB410C component system

3-way system -- GB10 1" tweeters, GB40 4" midrange speakers, GB410C crossover networks, and GB60 6-3/4" midrange speakers (NOTE: GB60 will require its own amplifier)

  • pair of passive crossovers networks for Audiofrog GB Series components
  • all-metal enclosure with viewing window
  • designed for use with the Audiofrog GB40 4" midrange speaker and GB10 1" tweeter
  • crossover point: 2500 Hz
  • tweeter attenuator provides precise 1/4dB incremental adjustment of tweeter level between 0dB and -12dB
  • mounting hardware included

What's in the box:

  • 2 Passive crossovers
  • Eight 1-1/8" Self-tapping screws (3mm Allen head)
  • 8 Speed clips
  • 3mm Allen head bit
  • Instruction manual