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Hybrid Audio Clarus C10SW 10 inch Subwoofer: The Ultimate Upgrade in Multi-Format Audio Systems

Elevate Your Audio Experience

The audiophile's quest for impeccable sound quality ends here. The Hybrid Audio Clarus C10SW Subwoofer is not merely a product; it's a statement in acoustic excellence. Acting as the perfect upgrade for Imagine-series subwoofer drivers, this subwoofer system is designed to offer a listening experience like no other. With its capability to thrive in various enclosure configurations—be it sealed, vented, infinite baffle, or bandpass—this subwoofer impresses even the most discerning of audio connoisseurs.

Multi-Format Versatility

The Hybrid Audio Clarus C10SW 10 inch Subwoofer stands out as the ideal multi-format speaker system, capable of delivering unparalleled speed, articulation, and bottom-octave authority. What sets it apart is its total inductance profile, remarkably flat across various strokes, frequencies, and power levels. It’s not just another subwoofer; it’s an acoustic masterpiece that allows you to hear your favorite tracks as they were meant to be heard.

First Impressions Last

From the first glance, it's evident how serious this driver is about delivering high-quality sound. The cast frame and heavy-duty nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals are indicative of its robust construction. However, its true prowess becomes evident upon the first listen. The Clarus C10SW 10 inch subwoofer does what it does best: articulating the nuances of your favorite recordings while effectively reproducing sound at significant pressure levels.

Technologically Advanced Features


The Hybrid Audio Clarus C10SW basket is engineered using a cast aluminum design with a semi-gloss black powder coating, offering an exceptional combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. The frame incorporates spider venting, optimized for improved thermal power handling. Further enhancing its capabilities is the proprietary reverse-roll surround tooling, which allows for close tolerance flush and iso-mounting, easing grille clearance and localization.

Motor and Voice Coil

The motor system of the subwoofer is a conventional dynamic design, outfitted with a large, high-grade ferrite magnet assembly featuring a bumped and vented pole piece. The 51mm (2-inch) voice coil diameter is meticulously engineered for elevated power handling and efficient heat dissipation. The voice coil itself is a four-layer, high-purity aluminum construction, superior to copper in heat-dissipation capabilities and significantly reducing moving mass. The end result? A subwoofer that offers lightweight winding with low inductance and superior power handling.

Suspension, Cone, Tinsel Leads & Terminals

The inverted surround is made from highly consistent butyl rubber, designed to effectively terminate mechanical vibrations. The spider is constructed from a 90/10 cotton/Nomex blend, offering optimal performance without being overly stiff or brittle. The cone-type drivers employ a polypropylene diaphragm, balancing strength and low moving mass while providing water resistance for all-weather applications like motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and marine uses. Tinsel leads are directly bonded to the former and terminate at heavy-duty, PCB-mounted, nickel-plated push terminals, providing flexibility for wire or crimp terminal terminations.