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The Hybrid Audio Clarus C12SW subwoofers are the ideal multi-format subwoofer speaker system, and are an upgrade for the Imagine-series subwoofer drivers. At home in virtually any enclosure arrangement – from sealed, to vented, to infinite baffle and bandpass – the Clarus range of subwoofers are going to impress even the most critical listener with speed and articulation, bottom-octave authority, with a total inductance profile that is not just low, but flat over stroke, frequency, and power. You’ll know how serious this driver is at first glance as you take in the cast frame and heavy-duty nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals, but its proof will be upon first listen as the Clarus subwoofer does what it does best: articulating the nuances of your favorite recordings to effectively reproducing significant sound pressure levels.

Basket/Frame - The basket of the Hybrid Audio Clarus C12SW is a cast aluminum design with semi-gloss black powder coating. The frame includes spider venting for improved thermal power handling. The frame includes reverse-roll surround tooling proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, allowing for close tolerance flush and iso-mounting for easy grille clearance and localization clearance.

Motor and Voice Coil - The motor of the Hybrid Audio Clarus C12SW Subwoofer is conventional dynamic with a large, high-grade ferrite magnet assembly with bumped and vented pole piece. The voice coil diameter for the four subwoofers is 51mm (2-inch) for elevated power handling, dissipation of heat (thereby lowering power compression), and maximizing the size of the magnet around the voice coil for enhanced motor compliance. The voice coil is a four-layer, high-purity aluminum, which is superior to copper for heat dissipation, as well as significantly reduced moving mass. The result is an extremely light weight winding, with low inductance and good power handling.

Suspension, Cone, Tinsel Leads & Terminals - The inverted surround is butyl rubber which is highly consistent, and does not suffer the variance of natural rubbers. This rubber surround terminates mechanical vibrations well, having a low stiffness for positive damping of resonances. The spider material was chosen for optimal performance; the spider is a 90/10 cotton/Nomex blend with single-dip low viscosity phenolic. This material provides the stiffness desired without being overly brittle or stiff, where vibrations in the spider are well damped and do not translate into the former or the cone. The Clarus subwoofers are cone-type drivers consisting of a polypropylene diaphragm with low moving mass. Polypropylene provides a good balance of strength, moving mass, and water resistance, in the event the Clarus subwoofers are used in all-weather climates, such as motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, and marine uses. The tinsel leads are bonded directly to the former and brought out to the terminals, which keeps tinsel lead slap to a minimum and does not compromise the structural integrity of the cone. The Clarus subwoofers come equipped with heavy-duty PCB-mounted nickel-plated push terminals, and give the end user flexibility in tinned wire or crimp terminal terminations

All Hybrid Audio Subwoofers are sold individually.


Hybrid Audio Clarus C12SW Subwoofer