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$120.00 USD

The BLADE-AL is a universal solution that works with over 4000 vehicle models from 1997 to date. This is possible thanks to iDatalink’s award-winning Weblink solution for flashing the BLADE-AL with vehicle-specific firmware.

To flash the BLADE-AL with vehicle-specific firmware, dock the BLADE-AL cartridge into a compatible Firstech control module. Then, connect the Firstech control module to your PC or smartphone using the ADS-USB cable. When you open the Weblink web or mobile application, your BLADE-AL will be detected and available to flash.

ADS-USB required for web-programming and sold separately. Click here for product info.

Works with:

  • Firstech CM-X
  • Firstech CM-7 Series
  • Firstech CM900-S
  • Firstech CM900-AS