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ALPINE KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Touch screen Selector

$159.95 USD $230.00 USD


Multi-Camera Touchscreen Selector


Controlling Multiple Camera Systems Has Never Been Easier

It’s easy to add Drive Assist front, rear or side camera systems to your Alpine Dash System*. Choose from a variety of Alpine camera systems that offer various views like ground view for connecting a tow hitch, wide-angle views to see past your truck and multi-angle views to see two images on the screen.

If your truck has multiple camera systems, the KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Selector allows them to be easily controlled right from your Alpine Dash System’s* touchscreen. The names of the connected camera systems appear on the main screen, so simply select the camera system you want to use. You can then choose the viewing option from that camera to be displayed on the screen.

* Compatible with: X110-SLV, X110-SRA, X109D, X108U, INE-W967HD