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Lucas Lighting H2L Series Headlights (pair)

$299.95 USD

Do you have factory installed HID lights in your vehicle? Are they becoming dimmer? Do they flicker or  losing their brightness? Instead of purchasing expensive factory HID lights, you can save money with our amazing H2L series. The Lucas Lighting H2L series LED bulbs use high-quality automotive grade LED chipsets using the latest in technology. That makes the Lucas Lighting H2L series some of the brightest HID to LED headlights on the market. Get the Lucas Lighting H2L series for your vehicle and you won’t be in the dark again.

Product Overview:


Our H2l Series is a true plug-in-play HID to LED solution.

  • 2X Light Output Compared to HID factory lights.
  • Direct plug-in replacment.
  • 1/3 energy consumption.
  • True white instant light.
  • 3X More Efficient
  • 3-Year Warranty when dealer installed
  • 1-Year Warrany if consumer installed.

Extreme Brightness: The Lucas Lighting H2L Series bulbs can produce up to 2X the light output of stock HID bulbs and are brighter than aftermarket HID lighting systems.


Fitment: The Lucas Lighting H2L Series are designed to be as compact as the stock bulb to fit even in the tightest spaces! They are compatible with most reflector and projector housings. Ask your local automotive shop for installation and have it done the right way the first time. 


Efficiency: The patented VacPipe™ vacuum heat pipe cooling technology is the core of thermal management. The vacuum liquid heat pipe pulls produced heat from the circuit board 3X more efficiently than a conventional heat sink design.


Reliability: Lucas Lighting H2L LED bulbs avoid premature failures by overbuilding and only using the best parts available in the lighting industry. If you have our Lucas Lights installed by a preferred retailer they will also have a 3-year warranty.