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PHOENIX GOLD RX 250 Watt Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier

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RX 250 Watt Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier  



Drive Your Subwoofer with Authority

Looking for good accurate bass but don’t need to be heard from a mile away? The RX2 250.1 monoblock amplifier drives clean 250 watts of power with efficiency to your subwoofer. When your jam comes on, sometimes it calls for taking your bass up to the next level; and with RX2 500.1's bass knob you can. Installed near the driver, simply turn it up and enjoy.

RX2 series amplifiers are the reference for style and value in any installation. Built with the legendary Phoenix Gold reliability, they feature heavy duty heatsinks, robust unregulated power supplies, and oversized direct input power and speaker terminals. They also sound sweet thanks to the audiophile-grade output transistors. We made upgrading your stock system easy by allowing high level inputs, so you can keep that hard to replace radio, and still upgrade the sound. RX2-series amplifiers are ready to impress with their effortless ability to provide power and clarity while keeping the chassis at a convenient size for any installation. The devil is in the details, so it just made sense that we allow the PG name plate to be removed and turned to match the orientation you might need for your install because we know you're going to want show off your system and make all your friends jealous.

    • Class-A/B Topology
    • Robust Unregulated Power Supplies
    • Rotatable Badging for installation flexibility
    • High level Inputs for Easy OEM Integration
    • Remote Bass Controller Included
    • Audio Precision® Quality Control Verification
Professional Installation Recommended