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ROCKFORD FOSGATE Universal Punch Level Control PLC-U

$55.99 USD

An inline audio signal level control featuring a variety of mounting options including panel mount with large and small knob configurations, under dash mounting and rocker switch style mounting. The rocker switch option also includes a 3.5mm to RCA extension port to extend a radios AUX input to your dash. The rocker switch can also be disassembled to allow for a flush panel mount option of the knob assembly.

The PLC-U is designed as an inline, universal audio level control that can be integrated into almost any audio system. It is intended to allow you to vary the signal level of any stereo pair of RCA cables in the event you do not have a master volume control or you want more independent control over a specific signal path. The system is comprised of a high quality audio taper potentiometer which provides for true linear control of the output signal. It also comes with a variety of mounting configurations to meet your installation needs. A panel mount version which uses a 1" mounting hole and is held in place with a threaded retaining nut features a large and small knob option letting you choose which is best for the application.

A universal underdash bracket is also provided to be used in conjunction with the panel mount unit if your install requires more clearance. Lastly, we include a rocker switch mount with integrated level control and 3.5mm aux input to RCA extension port. This is perfect for those vehicles that already have the rocker switch knockouts molded in. This unit can also be disassembled to allow the level control to be surface mounted using a smaller hole in locations where the larger options may not fit. These features and functionaility make the level control compatible with most source units, line drivers and amplifiers while being perfect for mobile, marine or off-road applications.


  • Provides In-line signal level control
  • Allows level adjustment of an audio signal
  • High quality audio potentiometer provides linear volume control over entire knob range
  • Panel mount option with large and small knob configurations
  • Panel mount option mounts in 1" diameter mounting hole
  • Under dash mounting option used with panel mount unit
  • Rocker switch mounting option with integrated 3.5mm to RCA extension port
  • Rocker switch can be disassembled to facilitate flush panel mount ability
  • 1 Year Warranty
Flush / Panel Mount (1" diameter)
Under Dash / Center Console
Rocker Switch Mount w/ 3.5mm Input Option
Small & Large Knob Options
Unity Gain (Voltage In = Voltage Out)
Processor Type
Analog Processor
Signal Input
1 RCA Pair (left/right) Female Jacks
3.5mm Stereo Jack
Signal Output
1 RCA Pair (left/right) RCA Female Jacks
1 RCA Pair (left/right) Female Jacks for 3.5mm Input
Output Impedance
Input Impedance