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X802-5 Class D 5-Channel Power Amplifier

$350.00 USD $450.00 USD

  • Max Power: 1600W
  • Size (inch) (W) 9-3/4" x (H) 2-1/16" x (D) 6-5/8"
  • Variable High & Low Pass Filter
  • Bass Boost
  • Optional Wired Remote Ready

    Speaker Level Input Harness is included to connect to speaker wires from factory installed receivers.


  • Rich and Immersive High-Resolution Audio

    High-Resolution Audio is high-quality sound that exceeds CD standard. High-resolution audio captures and beautifully expresses all the details of your favorite music. Through ultra-high and low frequencies, immerse yourself in a rich and high-quality sonic experience.

  • Output Coil with Magnetic Shield

    Prevents magnetic flux from radiating from the subwoofer's coil, resulting in reduced noise and enhanced sound quality.

  • Sliding Terminal Cover

    Detachable sliding terminal cover offers a sleek design and easier installation.

  • Variable Gain Circuit

    Improved Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB (Reference: Rated Power into 4Ohms at 14.4V)

  • One-side Connection

    All terminals and connections are on one side for easier installation and a cleaner look.


  • Maximum Power Output: 1600W
  • RMS POWER OUTPUT (4Ω): 50W x 4 + 300W
  • RMS POWER OUTPUT (2Ω): 75W x 4 + 500W
  • RMS POWER OUTPUT Bridged: 150W x 2 (Bridged) + 300W
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dBA (Reference: 1Watt into 4Ohms)
  • SUB (4 Ohms): 300Watts RMS x 1 (4 Ohms, 20-200Hz, ≤0.5% THD)
  • SUB (2 Ohms): 500Watts RMS x 1 (2 Ohms, 100Hz, ≤0.5% THD)
  • A/B (Bridged 4Ohms): 150Watts RMS x 2 (Bridged 4 Ohms, 1kHz, ≤1.0% THD)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB (Reference: Rated Power into 4Ohms at 14.4V)
  • Frequency Response: 220Hz-50kHz (+0dB, -3dB) A/B
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-200Hz (+0dB, -3dB) SUB
  • Speaker Level Input with Signal Sensing Turn-on